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Learn How Hope Is Your Anchor with Rick Warren

One of the most important parts of a ship that sails the sea is the anchor. When the anchor is deployed, it steadies the ship and does not let it drift away in the tide. As Christians, you have an anchor that works in much the same way. Your anchor is hope—hope in Jesus Christ. He will help you navigate the hard times in your life and be the steadying force upon which you rely. Today, many people define hope in psychological terms rather than theological terms. In this message from Pastor Rick Warren, you’ll discover where you can find the hope you need when you feel overwhelmed.

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(Saddleback Church) (Rick Warren) (Hope) (Hope You Need) (Anchor of Hope) (Anchor for the soul) (There Is Hope) (Life Purpose) (God) (Jesus) (Holy Spirit) (Certain Hope) (Expectant Hope) (Wishful Hope) (Alone) (Abandoned) (No Purpose) (Grieving) (Loss) (deeply wounded) (There’s hope)

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