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When All Hope Is Gone – Dr. Charles Stanley

Hope is a word of optimism, and it defines what we are living for. In His encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus transforms her situation into a life of great value and hope. There is no such thing as “beyond repair” for God. He has a purpose for us all, and there […]

Praying Our Tears – Timothy Keller [Sermon]

Tim Keller sermons via Gospel in Life: Suffering is inevitable, and we should always expect tears. But by investing our tears we can not only grow from them but eventually find joy through them. In praying our tears, we remember God’s grace, behold the cross and find assurance in glory yet to come. Download or […]

Don’t Waste Your Pain

We all go through difficulties, setbacks and loss. In fact, pain is a part of life. Many people allow their pain to cripple them and keep them stuck, causing them to miss out on the next level that God was preparing them to go. This doesn’t have to be you. Let Joel teach you in […]
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Bill Johnson – How to Deal with Loss.mp4

This is why I like Bill Johnson. He has enough integrity to tell it like it is. We all deal with losing some battles or not being able to believe for someones healing. We must face it honestly without putting your head in some fluffy cloud of hyper faith superspirituality where we deceive ourselves into […]

Questions of Suffering – Timothy Keller [Sermon]

Tim Keller sermons via Gospel in Life: No book in all of literature addresses the questions of suffering and evil with the spiritual wisdom of the book of Job. In this sermon, Timothy Keller demonstrates how the Christian approach to suffering differs from both cynical and moralistic viewpoints. Christians are called to hold onto the […]

T D Jakes-Night Seasons sermon Dealing with Unexpected

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Francis Chan: Dealing With Death Tweets by crazylove
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