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Help, My Heart is Under Attack | Pastor Brian Gallardo

Have you ever felt like you were constantly having your heart being tugged in every area of your life? Well, Pastor Brian wants to be open and transparent about the conditions of the heart and how we should allow our hearts to be transformed and renewed by the power and the love of God. Message […]
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Concepts of Spiritual Authority | Pastor Brian Gallardo

Pastor Brian breaks down Concepts of Spiritual Authority with such precision and clarity to the body of believers on how the bible shows us to honor our spiritual leaders and authoritative figures. Your mind will definitely be blown listening to this message and really understanding the systems and order of God’s Kingdom. Message Notes: Signs […]

The Sin of Lawlessness | Covered | Pastor Brian Gallardo

Our current series, Covered, continues as Pastor Brian teaches on the laws of the Kingdom and the sin of lawlessness. This message breathes so much clarity and knowledge on how the systems of God’s Kingdom works. We hope this message empowers you and brings life to your situation today! Message Notes: 1 John 3:4 Lawlessness […]

Eviction Notice Part 1 | Pastor Brian Gallardo

Have you ever felt attacked in a way you just can’t explain? Have you ever wondered why you feel stuck or constantly going in cycles? It’s time to serve notice on the Devil that he can no longer have any access to your heart, your mind, your soul or your emotions. He’s got to leave […]
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