Biblical Parenting, Part 1: Selfless Parenting

The first part in a series by Pastor Steve and Bobi Whinery about how to raise children of all ages in a godly manner with practical examples and a biblical foundation. From Sunday, September 20, 2015.

How Do You Raise Godly Children in Today’s Culture? – Arlene Pellicane

How do you raise kids in today’s culture? Our friend, Arlene Pellicane, has some answers and words of encouragement. See more from her at the Focus on the Family store: Arlene Pellicane shares her fun stories and research to encourage you towards strong parenting by teaching respect, instilling character, and spending intentional time with […]

5 Tips For Christian Parenting | Infants And Toddlers | Building A Strong Foundation

Today I share my top 5 tips for Christian Parenting when you have Infants and Toddlers. If you like this video and want more tips on how to be a Christian parent or have a topic you would like me cover, comment down below and I will do more videos like this one. As a […]
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Is spanking ok? | Christian Parenting | Child Discipline

I get this question a few times a month from Christian Parents: Can I spank my kids? It comes in different forms 1. Can I speak my kids? this sounds like you are asking are you allowed to spank your kids. The question seems to be asking IS it biblical or even is it allowed […]

Francis Chan: Ephesians 3:14-19 — Focus on the Family Follow Crazy Love: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Courageous Parenting Ep.04 “How to Raise Kids to Respect Their Parents”

Do your kids respect you? Do they roll their eyes or refuse to obey you? In this episode, Isaac and Angie cover three practical and Biblical keys to raising kids who will respect you. There’s some counter-intuitive wisdom even the most capable parents are likely to gain from. Each episode will give you a piece […]

Courageous Parenting Ep. 23 Why Normal Christian Parenting Isn’t Working

Good intentions don’t matter, what you do on a daily basis to equip and disciple your kids is what matters. This is some raw truth all Christian parents must hear. More at It simply takes more to equip confident Christian kids ready to stand against the pressures of today’s fallen culture. Get practical insights […]

How to raise kids /Godly parenting/ Biblical parenting

*Subscribe to my Channel! Hello Friends! Welcome back and thanks for stopping by! This video was so much fun to do! This material was prepared for a baby shower and I complied it into this amazing topic. Hope you guys enjoy it and can learn something that can aide you in your parenting! Love […]

Christian Parenting: Teenagers (3 Tips)

Christian Parenting: Teenagers (3 Tips) What should you do if your teenager is totally out of control and rebellious? That was the question one AGW follower recently asked us on Twitter. While I don’t have teenagers (my kids are still younger), I do remember being a totally out of control teenager myself. So in this […]


I’m Kytia L’amour, and in this video, I talk about what I’m doing to incorporate my faith into my daughter’s life. From Bible reading to discovering her spiritual gifts, I hope to share some insight on what’s helped me to keep God first in her life. Did you find this helpful? Please share with anyone […]
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