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Timeless Works: What About These Other Gods? – Dr. D. James Kennedy

How are we to understand all those other gods? This has been a question millions of Americans have asked. Are they real? Are they false? What should we think? Some people have said, “Well, you see, there is really just one religion with different faces, and we’re all basically going to the same God through […]

Kennedy Classics: More Christians Like John Knox – Dr. D. James Kennedy

Sermon: “It is my hope that we may have not only more ministers like Knox,” says Dr. Kennedy, “but more Christians like John Knox.” He was known for his zeal, scholarship and courage in a tumultuous time. The King of Scotland remarked at his funeral, “Here lies a man that never feared the face of […]

Kennedy Classics: George Washington the Christian – Dr. D. James Kenendy

Sermon: It was well–known for the first 150 years of our country that George Washington was a man of great faith. But recent historians have tried to downplay that. Dr. Kennedy shares some amazing truths about the Christian faith of George Washington that you might never have heard before. The historical record shows that George […]
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Timeless Works: What About Those Who Have Never Heard? – Dr. D. James Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy notes this is an extremely difficult question, and that is: What about those who have never heard—those who have never heard of Christ? Though there are more than two billion professing Christians in the world today, there are still those who have never even heard of Christ. Now sometimes this will be stated […]

The Gospel in the Stars; 08 Aries, D James Kennedy on the Zodiac

Aries the Ram, or Sheep, where Jesus is the Lamb of God, who’s blood was shed for the sins of men. Join us in the 8th video in this series from Dr Kennedy, as we count down to the first zodiac sign. From the series on the Biblical meaning behind the constellations of the Zodiac. […]

Kennedy Classics – The Trinity All Around You

As applied to the God of the Universe, the word Trinity seems a contradiction. The Scripture is plain that there is but one true God. Yet the Scriptures are equally clear that the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. To help us speak about God’s self-revelation of His […]

Timeless Works: Was Lincoln a Christian? – Dr. D. James Kennedy

Was Lincoln a Christian? In this message, Dr. Kennedy shows that while the younger Lincoln was a skeptic, during the course of the war (and especially after the death of his son), he became a Christian. By the time, Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg, he was a Christian. Dr. Kennedy shows how Lincoln’s Christianity is clearly […]

D James Kennedy Sermons Creationism Science or Religion

Dennis James Kennedy (November 3, 1930 – September 5, 2007), better known as D. James Kennedy, was an American pastor, evangelist, and Christian broadcaster. He founded the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he was senior pastor from 1960 until his death in 2007. Kennedy also founded Evangelism Explosion International, Coral Ridge […]

Timeless Works; The Man Who Missed the Moment – Dr. D. James Kennedy

Thomas missed the moment of Christ’s first appearance to the apostles after He arose from the dead. Long Description: Thomas the Apostle missed the most glorious moment in history. He was not present with the other apostles when Jesus Christ appeared to them, risen from the dead. There never was a Sunday evening service like […]

The Gospel in the Stars; 12 Leo, D James Kennedy on the Zodiac

Leo the Lion, a symbol of Jesus the Lion of Israel Join us in the 12th video in this series from Dr Kennedy about the Zodiac From the series on the Biblical meaning behind the constellations of the Zodiac. This talk was delivered as part of a 12 sermon series, including one for each constellation. […]
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