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Six Nuggets of Truth from James Chapter 1

Pastor Paul Kendall does an expository teaching on the first chapter of the book of James. If you can get 6 life-changing nuggets of Truth from just one chapter, what would happen to your life if you studied the entire Bible?

CFC: Principles for Parenting Part 1

“Principles for Parenting” A new series teaching biblical principles for parenting godly children. This series includes principles for every area of life and applies to everyone; even people without children.

CFC: The Life of King David – Part 1

With the exception of Jesus, there’s probably no other more famous person in history than King David. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to study the life of David and do our best to learn as many lessons as God intended for us to learn from his life.
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CFC: Discovering Your Purpose

God isn’t waiting to see what you become – He’s already decided it!


Pastor Paul Kendall gives a new perspective on desire and how to fulfill it.

TCT Interview 2-13

Paul Kendall tells the history of The Marriage Miracle program.

CFC: Perspectives of Christmas

This original Christmas Musical is unlike any other. Listen as the story is told by the people who were there. Hear the Shepherds proclaim Jesus birth; laugh as the Inn Keeper laments over that chaotic night, and rejoice with those who were first to see the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; Jesus!

The Power of Unity With God

Ever wonder why you feel so strong in your walk with God on some days and so weak on others? Who’s getting stronger and weaker; God … or you? This message will help you develop a stronger, more consistent walk with God. This is also the inaugural service of Paul Kendall’s new church, Christ Family […]

Cancer Healing Testimony

Paul Kendall shares his testimony of being healed of colon cancer

Principles for Parenting

Paul Kendall presents 5 topics from the Principles for Parenting program: 1. Foundations for Parenting, 2. Shaping Behavior, 3. Positive Lifelong Learning Habits, 4. Four More Doors: TV, Cellphone, Music, Internet, 5. Teenage Sexuality
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