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Angry, Aggravated and Annoyed! – Pastor David Crank

Sometimes, it can be hard to let the small stuff go. Pastor David warns us that holding on to those little annoyances will just lead to anger, unforgiveness, and STRIFE! Hear the story about how Pastor David’s dad accidentally shot himself in the leg! The enemy will try to set us up just to get […]

Your Super Bloom Season – Pastor David Crank

Tired of sitting in a barren desert? Ready for those dreams to finally grow? Pastor David teaches that God has a new season ready to bloom. When we hook up our dreams to God’s plans, we don’t just grow, we enter a season of SUPER BLOOM! “Don’t allow what happened, yesterday, to hold you back […]

Getting Out from Under Pressure! – Pastor David Crank

Are you overwhelmed, overworked, and underloved? PRESSURE happens to everybody. How we respond is up to us. We might be hemmed in on all sides, but we can still make a joyful noise. We are instruments of praise IN TUNE with the Holy Spirit. It’s not as bad as we think it is, and we’re […]
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Something’s Gotta Go – Pastor David Crank

We all want to get to the next level and reach new heights. Why is it so hard to get there? What are we missing? Pastor David teaches that God wants to cut off some things so new blessings can grow! We can’t do the same things and expect new experiences. Everyone is not equipped […]

Steering Toward Your Dreams – Pastor David Crank

Do you feel like your life’s a wreck and you’ve lost all hope? Even when we make a wrong turn, God is with us and can turn our mess into a message! Pastor David shows us how to shake it off when life tries to steer us in the wrong direction. God has the power […]

Nothing Just Happens – Pastor David Crank

Ever have the feeling that something was just meant to be? Like everything that has happened so far just seemed to fall into place anyway? Pastor David encourages us to look at God’s plan and realize that nothing just happens in our lives. In every disappointment, God has hidden a divine appointment that links up […]

Things Your Father Never Told You- Pastor David Crank

Are you looking to build something great in your life? We grow when we surround ourselves with the right people! Pastor David encourages us to engage with others to make a difference. God didn’t create us to do life alone! He wants us to encourage others and use our gifts and talents to change lives. […]

Take Authority over Demonic Attacks – Pastor David Crank

Do you feel like you’re under a spiritual attack? The enemy uses people and situations to seize us. Pastor David teaches us to recognize the power of Jesus inside of us and to take authority over the demons. God did not give us a spirit of fear! He blessed us with the power to cast […]

That’s Not Gonna Happen – Pastor David Crank

Do you ever find yourself worrying that the worst case scenario? Usually the stuff we worry about doesn’t even happen! Pastor David teaches us how to say “no” to the enemy and live in peace. The name of Jesus is bigger than anything that could ever come against us! When we believe God’s promises are […]

What’s Holding You Back – Pastor David Crank

Have you ever felt the urge to be right or to one-up somebody? Sometimes pride can get the best of us. Pastor David teaches us how to resist pride and to live in humility. God wants us to be humble and to get along with others so we can be blessed! We’re more likable when […]
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