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Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. – Why Adultery and Fornication are Wrong

COGIC International Women’s Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, on May 30, 2014.
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IOG Memphis – Adultery & Fornication: Spiritual & Physical

This is a snippet of a lesson entitled “Adultery & Fornication: Spiritual & Physical” 2016 taught by Bro. Garvin 4/16/2016. Join Us Every Saturday @ 12:00 noon 4485 Elvis Presley Blvd. Thanks for watching!


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Fornication is WICKED (Pastor Roger Jimenez | VBC Sacramento, CA) 2 Samuel 13: The Cause and Aftermath of Amnon’s Sin Link To The Full Sermon-

Fornication (Baptist KJV only Sermon)

Baptist Preaching from Pastor Steven Anderson at “Faithful Word Baptist Church” KJV only sermon

What Is Fornication According To Scripture? Fornication is a very complex subject and prayerfully this video will give us all a much better understanding of Fornication and what are the righteous covenant/agreements. Yahuah is very clear in His concerning Fornication.

Why Adultery & Fornication are Wrong-Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake-64th COGIC Women’s Convention

Why Adultery & Fornication is Wrong-Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake-64th COGIC Women’s Convention, Louisville, Kentucky 2014-Clip -1 To order this DVD call 1-877-YES-LORD
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