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Should I Use “STOPs” To Make My Husband Communicate?

Our live caller explains she had an affair, but wants to work things out with her husband. She’s been trying really hard to reconnect and earn his forgiveness. At first, he also tried to reconcile and work through things, but then he decided not to. She says he shuts her out “completely.” She says she’s […]

How To Make Your Cheating Spouse Jealous!

If your spouse had an affair (or is still in an affair) and you want to know what you can do to “get back” at them, there are four things you should know. Let us start off by saying you can’t “get back” at your spouse for having an affair…Whatever you may try to […]

3 Key Parenting Essentials

Parenting is tough already…so when there are problems between mom and dad, it’s EVEN MORE difficult to parent. Sometimes, people come to our Workshop and say “I have NO intention or desire to save my marriage, but I’ll come to your Workshop because that will help me parent.” What is our response? Absolutely. Please come. […]
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My Spouse Sexually Rejects Me

“I have a strong desire for sexual fulfilment. How can my husband think that because he doesn’t want it, that I don’t need it?! I DO need it.” “I keep asking my wife to make love with me, but she refuses. She says she’s too tired, she doesn’t feel well, or she says I’m too […]

How Sexually Rejecting Your Spouse Affects Your Marriage

Does your spouse say, “You aren’t fulfilling me sexually.” Or, “If you really loved me, you would want to make love with me.” If so, you probably have a reason why you are refusing sex. Are you refusing sex because you aren’t interested in doing what they want to do sexually- or you aren’t interested […]

The 3 Types Of Infidelity

Has your marriage been impacted by an affair? If so, this video can help you determine what type of infidelity occurred and provide you with specific next steps. Where does infidelity stem from? Each type of infidelity comes from a biological and relational need. It can be sexual, emotional, and/or physical. However, each type […]

Infidelity – Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

It can be frightening and frustrating. You believe, or are completely convinced, that your spouse is cheating on you… yet, you don’t have enough proof to absolutely know. In this video, we’ll share a roadmap for you to assess whether or not it’s likely that your spouse is cheating. And, we’ll tell you what […]

If You Love Them, Let Them Go

The saying goes, “If you love someone, let them go…if they come back, they’re yours forever, but if they don’t come back, they were never yours at all.” Is this saying ACTUALLY true? A while back, Dr. Joe Beam saw a Facebook post where one man posted something similar. He said his wife “wants […]

Anger: Where It Comes From & How To Deal With It

About six months after getting married, Kimberly and her husband got into a TERRIBLE, terrible fight… Want to guess what the fight was about? A journal. An encouragement journal from Kimberly to her husband. And when she discovered that he hadn’t read it, it hurt…a LOT. Why do things like this make us so angry? […]

My Spouse Wants Me To Prioritize Work Over Family

Our live caller is separated from his wife and explains, “I have to make a choice about a new career and how much time to spend with my kids… I could stay unemployed to have more time with my kids OR I could choose a new career path, but my wife may not like it.” […]
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