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Bill Johnson – How to Deal with Loss.mp4

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This is why I like Bill Johnson. He has enough integrity to tell it like it is. We all deal with losing some battles or not being able to believe for someones healing. We must face it honestly without putting your head in some fluffy cloud of hyper faith superspirituality where we deceive ourselves into thinking something has happened in the “spirit” realm when nothing has changed. I’m especially talking about ministering over weeks and seeing no change. Pain is an easy one to use as an example. If the pain hasn’t changed or gone when you are telling it to go, then be courageous enough to face the fact that you just may have not been believing like you thought you were. Sure it could go away later, but we must believe for it to go when we minister or else how can we even begin to help people if we aren’t expecting a sign there and then. We need to see results! That’s what Jesus got and He said we can do EXACTLY the same as Him. We ARE allowed to be honest and face the fact that sometimes our faith wasn’t able to get the result we were believing for. Jesus said these SIGNS WILL follow them that believe. A sign is something we get to see here in the natural realm. That’s why it’s called a sign. We get to SEE God at work amidst us. My encouragement is for us to believe for Jesus to continue His work through us, just as He did when He walked the earth.

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