Focus on God, not your problems

Don’t let your fears, your heartaches, or troubles overwhelm you – focus on the One who has control over everything. Dr. Charles Stanley offers encouragement and a personal example from his “In the School of Faith” series. See more: In Touch Ministries, 2012.

Joel Osteen – Don’t Rely On People

Are you relying on what others say or don’t say for your value? Are you frustrated today because you don’t have the support from others around you? One of the greatest lessons in life is to learn that your true value does not come from people; it comes from Almighty God. Yet many people today […]

Don’t Waste Your Pain

We all go through difficulties, setbacks and loss. In fact, pain is a part of life. Many people allow their pain to cripple them and keep them stuck, causing them to miss out on the next level that God was preparing them to go. This doesn’t have to be you. Let Joel teach you in […]
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Bill Johnson – How to Deal with Loss.mp4

This is why I like Bill Johnson. He has enough integrity to tell it like it is. We all deal with losing some battles or not being able to believe for someones healing. We must face it honestly without putting your head in some fluffy cloud of hyper faith superspirituality where we deceive ourselves into […]

What to do when You’re Angry at God?

Please watch: “What is the Filling of the Spirit? | Ephesians 5:18” –~– What do you do when you are angry, frustrated and disappointed with God and your dreams turn into nightmares? That’s the question we want to answer today on the BEAT. INTRODUCTION: What’s up everyone, Allen here and today I want to […]

DATING ADVICE | Christian Dating Series Pt I

This video is Pt. I of an exciting dating series I will be posting. Here are the questions that are asked in this video: 1) What’s the best thing you did while you were single or advice that was given to you that prepared you for your relationship? 2) Advice for guarded women who have […]
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