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Rich Wilkerson Jr. — BC/AD: The Job Titles of Jesus

When studying the life of Jesus, it’s easy to overlook the glimpses of who He is in the Old Testament. After all, Jesus is never directly named. As we enter the second week of our collection of talks titled “BC/AD: The Rest is History” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. explains the different Job Titles of Jesus. […]

Rich Wilkerson Jr — BC/AD: Wrestling With God

Through life’s highs and lows, it could be easy to feel the pressure that comes with the decisions we’ve made. At times, a fight that leaves us downright exhausted is wondering if we’ll ever come to terms with our past. Continuing with our collection, “BC/AD: The Rest is History,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr.’s latest talk, […]

Rich Wilkerson Jr. — BC/AD: Before I Forget

Unless you’ve recently stumbled across a box of Polaroid pictures, or scrolled down to the beginning of your Instagram page, there may be some memories you’ve forgotten. When we don’t reflect on the past, we have a tendency to lose our sense of gratitude. Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. opens up a new collection of talks […]
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Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Make or Break: Break Up or Break Down

For a rose bush to flourish, it requires pruning. Removing parts that inhibit growth allows the bush to reach its fullest potential. John 15:1-4 says we’re the vine and God cuts off weak branches so that we may be more fruitful. You can’t produce if you are not pruned. Continuing the “Make or Break” series […]

Rich Wilkerson Jr. – Liberty University Convocation

On March 20, 2019, at Convocation, North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students, pastor of Vous Church Rich Wilkerson Jr. encouraged students to not let failure keep them from starting. Convocation is North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students, and each year it plays host to more than 80 guest speakers of national […]

Rich Wilkerson Jr — Book Of Esther: Timing Is Everything

Time is a valuable commodity that is shared by individuals of all walks of life. If you stop and talk to different people, most will say something similar – they’re busy. Everyone gets 168 hours a week to divide among their priorities, so what does your “busy” really consist of? Two non-negotiables are sleep and […]

Rich Wilkerson Jr — Are You OK?: Hacks to Happiness

Did you know 10% of what happens to you is directly related to 90% of how you react? Having the right reactions lead to happiness and the wrong reactions lead to anxiety and worry. Jesus’s disciples, Peter and Judas, both walked with Jesus and both betrayed Jesus. The outcome of their betrayals couldn’t have been […]

Rich Wilkerson Jr – Worth Dying For: Get Your Confidence Back

When we aren’t living out our purpose, it’s usually because we are lacking confidence. We make excuses about why we’re not doing what you should be doing. Our inner voice says, “I can’t do that, I’m way too old” or “Wow, they’re great at that. I could never do it the way they do, so […]

Rich Wilkerson Jr — Book Of Esther: When Opportunity Knocks

God has opportunities for us in 2019, and when he knocks at our door, it’s best we answer. In this collection titled, ”For Such a Time as This,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. introduces the book of Esther in his talk, “When Opportunity Knocks.” The book tells a true Cinderella story of a woman who followed […]

Rich Wilkerson Jr — Book Of Esther: It’s Time for a Turnaround

From childhood, puzzles have been part of our lives. As we grow, we encounter complex puzzles, with more pieces. If we step back and observe, the puzzle of life is the most challenging. With over 7 billion pieces we call humanity, trying to fit together, life can seem overwhelming and unsolvable. But, God sees the […]
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