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The Best Marriage Advice for Christian Women

In this video

We all want a wonderful, happy marriage, but sometimes it’s hard! In today’s video, my mom (married for 42 years!) gives her wisdom and advice on subjects like:
– What to do when your husband isn’t leading spiritually.
– How nagging isn’t helpful, but prayer and growing yourself spiritually is.
– How to not “major in the minors” when it comes to differences between you and your husband.
– How to commit to your marriage with the goal of “creating your love story” in the bigger picture of your life.
– Practical real-life stories of struggle and commitment based on 42 years of marriage!

Thank you to my mom, Marla Ringger, for her wisdom and desire to share with us her real-life stories and advice!

Check out my blog for more information on our 1 Peter Online Bible Study, as well as other blog posts! www.allisondavisblog.com

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