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Marriage Advice All Wives Should Know – What Is The Most Powerful Thing In Your Marriage?

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What is the most powerful thing in your marriage? You are! Sometimes though women use their power to create distance instead of connection in their relationship. Many times when women are upset or ticked, they withhold sex from their husbands. Being upset is a human response, but if we are completely honest with ourselves, we need to recognize that withholding physical closeness sends him the message that we not only reject what ever he did that we felt made us upset, we are saying that WE REJECT HIM. Men feel loved through the act of physical connection. Withhold the physical contact and this says to him “she doesn’t love me”. Don’t use your power to punish your husband. Take some time and just a little space as you communicate to him verbally why you are ticked. You wouldn’t tell your 6 year old son, you won’t hug him or kiss him for 4 days because he spilled milk on your clean floor, so don’t doll out this same punishment to your man. He will emotionally disconnect from you if you do. Visit: RomanticMarriages.com to see how to keep him emotionally connected and for more marriage advice.

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