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John Denver – Thank God I’m a Country Boy (Home Free Cover) (All Vocal Music)

► See Us Sing This Live In Concert: http://flyt.it/HFtour?ID=yt_countryboy
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Home Free’s Socials
Newsletter – Get News First!: http://flyt.it/HFNewsletter?ID=yt_countryboy
YouTube (SUBSCRIBE!): http://flyt.it/HFYoutube?ID=yt_countryboy
Spotify (FOLLOW): http://flyt.it/HFSpotify?ID=yt_countryboy
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/homefreevocalband
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/homefreeguys
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/homefreeguys

COUNTRY EVOLUTION, our new album, is out now!
iTunes: http://flyt.it/HFCountryEvolution?ID=yt_countryboy
Physical Copies In Our Store:http://flyt.it/HFWebsiteStore?ID=yt_countryboy

Our first album, CRAZY LIFE, is available too:
iTunes: http://flyt.it/HFCrazyLifeiTunes?ID=yt_countryboy
Amazon: http://flyt.it/HFCrazyLifeAmazon?ID=yt_countryboy

FULL OF CHEER is also available on Amazon: http://flyt.it/HFFullofCheerAmazon?ID=yt_countryboy

Directed, filmed, edited by Reilly Zamber, McKenzie Zamber, and Jimmy Bates for FifGen Films (fifgenfilms@gmail.com)
Makeup Design and Hair by Olena Lysenko (olenabookings@gmail.com)
Production Assistant: Jenika Marion

Thank you to all of our Patrons on Patreon who are supporting our music videos. We literally could not do it without you.
Nanette W, Elizabeth L, Iris H, Mary D F, Carole L, Kimberly P, Mark, Carol H, Yvonne L, Janet S, Lisa, Heather J, Jane C, Kathryn W, Lynh T, Marcia G, Tammy L. G, Danute (Dane) P, Gail D, Susan Z, Lisa D, Rebekah, Catharine B, Beth, Heidi & Kayla R, Shelly G, Michael L, Kasane A, Katrina K, Heather R, Jonathan S, Carolyn, Marianna A, Ingrid H, Judi P, Rhonda S, Carolyn S, Melanie P S, Megan P, Jill M, Linda, Dana m, Sarah K, Marjorie B, Chessy H, Alicia V, Jennifer N, Terry R, Janet, Katye M

Please consider supporting us on Patreon: http://flyt.it/HFPatreon?ID=yt_countryboy

We’re going on tour!

Never miss a tour date…
Track us on Bandsintown: http://flyt.it/HFBandsinTown?ID=yt_countryboy

All upcoming shows will feature our new member, Adam Chance!

MARCH 2017
23 | Wasau, WI
24 | Aurora, IL

APRIL 2017
07 | Bethesda, MD
26 | Moncton, NB
27 | Fredericton, NB

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