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Chad Veach: Backstage at Passion 2019 Ep. 5

In this video

Go backstage at Passion 2019 with Pastor Chad Veach as he talks about God’s plan for our life, the importance of community, and how we live each day as our act of worship.

Pastor Chad Veach is a leading voice to this generation, who travels both nationally and internationally. He has devoted his life to loving God, loving people and building the local Church. Chad has authored the book, “Unreasonable Hope” and most recently “Faith Forward Future”. After 15 years of ministry, Chad is now pioneering Zoe Church LA. Chad and his wife Julia serve as Lead Pastors in Los Angeles, CA. They have four beautiful children together: Georgia, Winston, Maverick, and Clive.

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Pastor Chad Veach encourages us around the truth that God has a great plan for us and that- even when life doesn’t feel like it is working out- that God is working out something good on our behalf. He reminds us of the importance of a community of Godly council and the role it plays in our walk with Jesus. Pastor Chad Veach also shares the reality of what true worship is and what the canopy of grace means for us as believers.

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Passion Conferences is a movement of university-aged young people for the name and fame of Jesus. More info on Passion: https://268generation.com

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