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Bryan and Katie Torwalt & Kristene DiMarco Live (JESUS CULTURE)

In this video

Jesus Culture Encounter 2012
If you take a time to watch this video not as just a band concert, put take a time off just to soak in God’s presence, and not only to pay attention on Katie’s beautiful voice, if you see just the tecnical part , you’ll lose this amazing oportunity to be overwhelmed by such annointing.. but if You set your heart, if You connect your heart to the Holy Spirit, you will feel God’s presence really thick around You, and it will bring you an amazing break through.. so take this time, stop whatever you are doing and let the presence of God veil all other things that steal your passion and your affections away from Jesus.. Have an amazing time of worship through this worship service, just as a vehicle to heavenly realms. Oh How God loves You, let Him be the focus of your heart-flow song today!


2:50 – Glorious (Katie Torwalt)

7:35 – He Is Faithful (Bryan Torwalt)

17:00 – Holy Spirit (Bryan Torwalt)

26:24 – Break Every Chain (Kristene Dimarco)

34:30 – I Breath You In, God (Katie Torwalt)

43:55 – I’m A Lover Of Your Presence (Katie Torwalt)

51:52 – Fill Me Up (Katie Torwalt)

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